"zonkers" dice game

Headcase Media had the fantastic opportunity to collaborate with Gibson Games in 2019 to craft a captivating logo, packaging, and branding for their exhilarating new game, "Zonkers." Our task was to encapsulate the game's essence—fun and excitement for kids and families alike. Embracing the game's vibrant and child-friendly spirit, our designs were intended to mirror the game's energetic nature and the fast-paced experience described by the creators as a "fast and frantic dice game."

One of the pivotal aspects of our work on the Zonkers project was creating a distinctive logo that captured the game’s essence. After numerous brainstorming sessions and design explorations, we settled on a playful and eye-catching “Zonkers” wordmark. The chosen font was a lively white, which stood out brilliantly against the vibrant and bold background, setting the tone for the entire brand. The logo was meticulously crafted to evoke a sense of excitement and fun, ensuring it resonated with both children and families, aligning perfectly with the game’s spirit.

The packaging design was a key element in communicating the fast-paced nature of the game. Drawing inspiration from the game’s description as a “fast and frantic dice game,” we opted for a visually striking approach. Stretched out white light particles adorned the packaging, symbolizing the game’s rapid gameplay. This dynamic visual element not only captured the essence of the game but also created a sense of movement, conveying the game’s energetic nature to potential buyers. Additionally, vibrant and colorful dice featured prominently on the packaging, serving as a visual representation of the core gameplay element and enhancing the overall appeal.

Collaborating closely with Gibson Games was a rewarding experience. Throughout the project, our team maintained open lines of communication with the client, ensuring that their vision for Zonkers was accurately translated into the designs. By understanding their requirements and aspirations, we were able to create a branding package that exceeded their expectations. This collaborative approach allowed us to incorporate their feedback seamlessly, resulting in a final product that not only met the client’s needs but also encapsulated the spirit of Zonkers. Working hand-in-hand with Gibson Games, we successfully brought their vision to life, creating a brand identity that resonated with the game’s target audience and encapsulated the joyous experience of playing Zonkers.