windy bums
ugc promo video

Step behind the scenes with Headcase Media as we embarked on an exciting UGC journey, collaborating with the renowned toy manufacturer, Golden Bear. Our mission: to capture the uproarious essence of the new Windy Bums toys and share it with the world.

Our camera lens met the stars of the show – the Windy Bums! These cheeky and hilarious plush toys were the focal point of our project, bringing joy and laughter to the set. From Donkey’s clumsy charm to Pig’s mischievous antics, we couldn’t help but fall in love with these unforgettable characters.

Behind the camera, we unleashed the hilarity that Windy Bums have to offer. Bump to start – and hear it fart! The challenge was to capture those funny moments as they moved across the floor, trumping and giggling uncontrollably. The result? An explosion of laughter that echoed throughout our studio.

Our expertise in filming was put to the test when working with these soft and colourful tactile fabrics. We ensured that every shot captured the playfulness and charm of Windy Bums, making them irresistible to both toddlers and adults. Our dedication to the craft made this project not just entertaining but a true work of art.

Join us as we take you through the behind-the-scenes magic of our Windy Bums UGC project. At Headcase Media, we don’t just create content; we create unforgettable experiences.