logo & branding

At Headcase Media, our journey with "The Jolly Ramen" began in 2021 with a unique challenge – to create a branding identity for a Japanese-themed restaurant that seamlessly blended the essence of Japan with playful pirate imagery. We dove headfirst into understanding the owner's vision. They sought a logo that would not just represent ramen noodles but also pay homage to the adventurous spirit of pirates, all while exuding a modern and fun vibe. It was clear that we needed to strike a delicate balance between Japanese cultural elements and iconic pirate symbolism.

With a clear vision in mind, we set out to design a distinctive logomark that would set “The Jolly Ramen” apart from its competitors. We opted for a bold approach, choosing a logomark over a wordmark to ensure instant recognition. After multiple brainstorming sessions and design iterations, we conceptualised a ramen bowl cleverly transformed into a skull, adorned with a pirate hat. The skull motif captured the pirate theme, while the ramen bowl highlighted the restaurant’s specialty. To further emphasise the Asian cuisine aspect, we incorporated crossed chopsticks beneath the skull, reminiscent of the classic pirate iconography of crossed bones.

Choosing the right color scheme was crucial in conveying the desired themes. We selected a palette of white, red, black, and blue – colours deeply rooted in both Japanese culture and pirate symbolism. Red and black represented the boldness and adventure associated with pirates, while blue symbolised the sea and added a refreshing touch. The fonts used were equally playful and adventurous. “Naughty Monster,” with its quirky demeanour, perfectly embodied the restaurant’s fun and lively atmosphere, adding a touch of excitement to the branding.

Whroughout the design process, collaboration with the client was key. We maintained open lines of communication, incorporating the owner’s feedback at every stage. This collaborative approach ensured that the final design not only met but exceeded the client’s expectations. The result was a logo and branding identity that captured the spirit of “The Jolly Ramen” – a fusion of Japanese culinary delights and the daring world of pirates, presented in a modern, playful, and unforgettable manner. Working on this project reaffirmed our commitment to translating our clients’ visions into visually striking and impactful brand identities.