the harrows inn
LOGO &branding


When Headcase Media undertook the rebranding project for The Harrows Inn in 2019, our initial challenge was to grasp the vision of the new owner clearly. The objective was to transform an old drinkers' pub into a contemporary craft gastro pub with a focus on serving modern, high-quality food and drinks. The new owner's aspiration was to create a vibrant, chic, and inviting atmosphere, rooted in the village's history. They envisioned a place where the essence of the village and the pub's past could coalesce seamlessly with the burgeoning craft beer movement. Understanding this vision was pivotal for us to align our creative direction with the owner's goals.

One of the primary tasks was to design a logo that encapsulated the essence of The Harrows Inn’s past while resonating with the modern and chic atmosphere the new owner aimed to create. To achieve this, our team delved into the history of Coven, Staffordshire, and the pub itself. We sought inspiration from the village’s heritage, intertwining elements that reflected the pub’s longstanding presence within the community. The resulting logo became a fusion of tradition and modernity, elegantly incorporating symbols from the village’s history into a sleek and contemporary design. This emblem served as the cornerstone of the pub’s new identity, embodying the essence of the past while embracing the present and future.

In parallel with the logo design, we crafted a comprehensive branding strategy that embraced the contemporary craft beer movement. The chosen color palette—white, black, blue, dark grey, and turquoise—was carefully curated to evoke a sense of sophistication and modernity while paying homage to the pub’s rustic roots. Typography and visual elements were meticulously chosen to align with the craft beer movement’s aesthetics, ensuring consistency across all branding materials. From menus to stationery, every aspect of the branding experience was designed to convey the pub’s commitment to quality, creativity, and community. The motto “Pies, Pizzas, and Pints” encapsulated the pub’s culinary focus succinctly, becoming a catchy and memorable phrase that resonated with patrons and passersby alike.

Collaboration with the new owner was instrumental throughout the project. Regular meetings and open communication channels ensured that our designs were in harmony with the owner’s vision. Through this collaborative process, we were able to fine-tune the branding elements, ensuring they not only met but exceeded the owner’s expectations. The successful realisation of this project was a testament to the synergy between Headcase Media’s creative expertise and the owner’s passion for transforming The Harrows Inn into a contemporary yet historically rooted village bar and kitchen. The result was a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation, where patrons could enjoy exceptional pizzas, pies, and pints in a modern, inviting ambiance that honoured the pub’s heritage and celebrated the craft beer movement.