Promo Video

At the Hilton Garden Inn Birmingham, TAG Network Midlands came to life in a vibrant celebration of their 9th birthday. Headcase Media had the privilege of capturing the essence of this milestone event with a "fly on the wall" style video. Join us as we take you behind the scenes of this unforgettable evening, where networking, laughter, and jubilation filled the air.

The heart of TAG Network Midlands beats with the rhythm of collaboration and community. In our video, we’ve beautifully captured the essence of this organisation, showcasing the power of networking in a relaxed and celebratory atmosphere. You’ll witness professionals from various industries coming together to connect, exchange ideas, and forge new relationships—all while enjoying delicious food and drinks.

One of the highlights of the evening was the heartfelt birthday speech dedicated to TAG Network Midlands. As they marked their 9th year, emotions ran high as the organisation reflected on their journey of growth and impact. Our cameras were there to capture every moment of this moving tribute, illustrating the dedication and passion that have propelled TAG Network Midlands to where they are today.

From clinking glasses to heartfelt laughter, our “fly on the wall” video encapsulates the spirit of the evening’s celebration. TAG Network Midlands members and guests celebrated not only the organisation’s 9th year but also the bonds and friendships that have been forged through their shared experiences. As Headcase Media, we’re proud to have preserved these moments of joy and camaraderie that make TAG Network Midlands truly special.