in the night garden

At Headcase Media, we're renowned for our innovative approach to storytelling. We're delighted to unveil our latest collaboration with Golden Bear: a telly advert for the "In The Night Garden" toy range, filmed entirely in the style of user-generated content (UGC). This distinctive approach offers a genuine, unfiltered look into the world of "In The Night Garden," as though captured by real families in their living rooms.

Why opt for the UGC style with Golden Bear? We’re firm believers in authenticity. By filming the advert in a UGC manner, we’ve mirrored those genuine moments of joy, surprise, and bonding that “In The Night Garden” toys bring about. It’s not about creating sleek, rehearsed scenes; it’s about encapsulating the essence of real-life play and the feelings it stirs.

Filming in a UGC style demands a unique touch. Our team at Headcase Media meticulously planned each sequence to ensure it felt off-the-cuff and genuine, as if snagged by a parent on their mobile. We collaborated with actors to evoke natural, unscripted moments, ensuring every shot resonated with authenticity. The outcome? A telly advert that strikes a chord with viewers, taking them back to treasured moments of childhood play.

Whilst our advert might have been crafted by professionals, the emotions and moments it portrays are universal. We invite you to delve deeper into “In The Night Garden” with Golden Bear and experience firsthand the magic these toys conjure. And who knows? Perhaps you’ll be inspired to capture your own UGC-style moments at home.