promo video

Headcase Media is excited to share our collaboration with the renowned game manufacturer, Gibsons. Together, we've created a dynamic video to showcase and explain the rules of the captivating puzzle game, Honeycombs. Designed to enhance your shopping experience on John Lewis's online platform, let's dive into the essence of this project.

Bringing the world of board games to life through video is no small feat. Our mission was to craft an engaging and straightforward video that not only unveiled the intricacies of Honeycombs but also conveyed the game’s sheer fun. Filming against a pristine white backdrop allowed us to keep the focus on the game’s components and rules, making it both informative and captivating for potential John Lewis customers.

Our Headcase Media team embarked on a creative journey to cater to board game enthusiasts and newcomers alike. We meticulously planned every aspect, from lighting to camera angles, to capture Honeycombs’ essence. Collaborating closely with Gibsons, we ensured a comprehensive presentation of the game. Our blend of clear explanations, close-ups, and captivating visuals simplifies the Honeycombs rules for everyone.

After days of shooting, editing, and fine-tuning, we’re excited to present our final product—an engaging, visually striking video that effectively communicates the rules of Honeycombs. This video enhances your shopping experience on John Lewis, introducing you to the world of Honeycombs—an experience filled with fun, strategy, and excitement for all ages. Thank you for trusting us with this project; we hope you enjoy the video as much as we enjoyed creating it.