At Headcase Media, we are passionate about creating compelling visual narratives that resonate with audiences of all ages. Our recent collaboration with Golden Bear, a leading toy manufacturer, saw us producing a captivating User-Generated Content (UGC) TV advert for their new Hey Duggee toy range. This delightful range, inspired by the immensely popular kids' cartoon, brought joy to children's faces as they interacted with Talking Duggee, Sleepy Time Duggee, and Hey Duggee Squirrel Club figurines. Join us as we delve into our journey of crafting this engaging UGC advert and celebrating the magic of Hey Duggee's world.

Our creative process involved seamlessly weaving the Hey Duggee toy range into a UGC-style TV advert. Through careful planning and production, we transformed the imagination of Hey Duggee’s young fans into a heartwarming visual story. By focusing on the joyful interactions between happy kids and these beloved toys, we created an authentic and endearing portrayal of the Hey Duggee universe.

Working closely with Golden Bear was a key element of this project’s success. Together, we brought to life the charm and appeal of the Hey Duggee toy range. Our collaborative efforts ensured that the UGC advert captured the essence of the brand while highlighting the fun and excitement that these toys bring to children’s lives.

Hey Duggee - V18.4.00_00_30_08.Still002

After meticulous planning, shooting, and post-production work, we are proud to showcase the final result of our UGC TV advert for the Hey Duggee toy range. This project exemplifies our commitment to creating engaging visual content that resonates with both clients and their audiences. The advert not only celebrates the Hey Duggee brand but also showcases our dedication to bringing smiles to the faces of children everywhere. Thank you for joining us on this creative journey at Headcase Media.