The hartley inn
logo & branding

At Headcase Media, our first task was delving into the vision the new owner had for The Hartley Inn. We recognised the need to transform this traditional country pub into a contemporary village hub. Through detailed discussions, we understood the owner’s desire to blend the pub’s historical roots with the charm of the nearby narrow boat canal. This insight became the cornerstone of our design process, guiding us towards creating a logo that seamlessly intertwined the pub's past with its vibrant future.

Drawing inspiration from the pub’s location and its canal heritage, we meticulously designed the logo. We opted for a minimalist approach, showcasing the outline of a canal boat front. This elegant and timeless image became the focal point, reflecting the pub’s rich history and its close connection with the nearby canal. The use of shades of blue and turquoise not only resonated with the water theme but also evoked a sense of calm and serenity, making the pub an inviting space for everyone in the village.

The challenge was to encapsulate the essence of Wheaton Aston, the canal, and the pub’s transformation into a contemporary craft gastro pub within the branding. Through creative iterations, we developed a cohesive visual identity that extended from the logo to the signage, menus, and stationary. Each element was thoughtfully curated to reflect the pub’s journey – a fusion of tradition and modernity. The chosen contemporary font for the pub’s name struck a perfect balance between professionalism and warmth, embodying the welcoming atmosphere the owner envisioned.

Our collaboration with the client was marked by open communication and mutual respect. We understood the importance of creating a brand that resonated not only with the owner’s vision but also with the villagers. Regular feedback sessions and revisions were integral to the design process, ensuring that every aspect of the branding met the client’s expectations. The success of this project lay in our ability to transform the owner’s dream into a tangible, visually appealing reality, establishing The Hartley Inn as a hub where the past met the present, and everyone felt at home.