HAMA rum
branding & packaging

In 2022, Headcase Media embarked on a thrilling creative journey in collaboration with HAMA Spirits, a distinguished player in the premium white rum industry. From the outset, we delved into understanding the core essence of HAMA Spirits and their vision for their products. This initial phase was crucial, as it allowed us to align our creative vision with theirs, setting the stage for a seamless collaboration.

With a deep understanding of HAMA Spirits’ ethos, we set out to craft a visual identity that would resonate with their premium white rum offerings. The challenge was to encapsulate the essence of their spirits into tangible, visually striking elements. Through meticulous design and creative innovation, we meticulously curated every aspect of the packaging, from the back label to the bottle neck sleeve, ensuring they exuded an air of sophistication and modernity. The choice of frosted glass for the bottles served as a canvas, upon which we etched elegant signage, embodying the brand’s commitment to quality and refinement.

One of the pivotal aspects of our collaboration was the infusion of vibrant and modern hues into the packaging. Each colour was carefully selected to mirror the diverse and exquisite flavours of HAMA Spirits’ white rum range. The cream-like sand colour symbolised the rich and exotic Madagascan vanilla, while the berry red embodied the lusciousness of the berry flavour. The royal blue, a signature hue, represented the pure, clean essence of the rum. These colours not only reflected the product’s flavours but also added a contemporary and minimalistic flair to the overall design. The result was a harmonious blend of elegance and boldness, a true testament to the premium nature of HAMA Spirits’ offerings.

Throughout the design process, our collaboration with HAMA Spirits was marked by open communication and mutual respect. We worked closely with their team, taking their feedback and preferences into account at every step. From the delicate placement of the “fragile” stickers on shipping boxes to the intricacies of business cards and email signatures, our attention to detail was unwavering. Witnessing our designs come to life and align so seamlessly with HAMA Spirits’ vision was not only professionally fulfilling but also a testament to the power of collaboration and creativity. The end result was a packaging and branding ensemble that not only represented the premium quality of HAMA Spirits’ white rum but also elevated their brand presence in the market, leaving both our team at Headcase Media and our esteemed client delighted with the outcome of our joint creative venture.